If you're using the dbt CLI, you'll need to set up a profiles.yml file.

You can learn more about this in the article on Connecting to your warehouse.

This article lists the parts of your profiles.yml which are not database specific. Check out the article for your database for exact connection details.

use_colors: <true | false>
partial_parse: <integer>
printer_width: <true | false>
write_json: <true | false>
warn_error: <true | false>
log_format: <true | false>
debug: <true | false>
version_check: <true | false>
fail_fast: <true | false>
use_experimental_parser: <true | false>
static_parser: <true | false>
target: <target-name>
type: <bigquery | postgres | redshift | snowflake | other>
schema: <schema_identifier>
threads: <natural_number>
### database-specific connection details
<target-name>: # additional targets
<profile-name>: # additional profiles

User config

You can set default values of global configs for all projects that you run using your local machine. See the docs on global configs for details.